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Your Headlights Surrounded

Posted by Matthew Books on April 07 2016

Your Headlights Surrounded


The quest for a set of halo lights can haunt some car owners. The expense, the time and the risk involved are often enough to turn off everyone but the most devoted and handy. But what if we could should you another option? Crack open this article and I'll show you an inexpensive and very cool way to accessories your Dodge Challengers.

So you want a set of halo lights for your car? You want it to look cool for the shows but damn if it isn't a costly exercise. You've got to

A: Remove your headlights.

B: Put them in an OVEN.

C: Install and wire your halo lights in correctly and wish on your luckiest star you sealed the headlights back up properly otherwise you're up a creek without a paddle and now you are shopping for a replacement headlight which will run you $500 if you're lucky. 

D: Put them back inside AN OVEN!


If you've got a late-model Challenger (2008+) there's hope. We've created a stick-on stainless steel headlight surround that, once wired, will give you headlights the halo look without the cost or the frustration of ripping apart a set of factory headlights. If the stainless look isn't your thing, that's ok, since we also make this product out of black stainless steel which means you end up with a great looking, high-quality part. 


If you are, "Not a fan of stainless." When you see how well the black stainless steel goes with the black of the front fascia you'll question why Dodge didn't go with this stuff all along. The above shot was carefully placed so you could actually see the metal standing out from the rest of the car, but cool thing about black stainless is how well it plays with the light around it. From one angle it's inky black, from another it's a bright reflective material. It's truly a dynamic material that changes with the environment around it. This means that during daytime shows you'll have a car that is just as custom as you will at night.

For those of you that want something for the headlights but have zero desire to do any wiring, for the 08-14 Challenger, we have a brushed stainless solution that looks great and is a simple peel and stick installation. 


Regardless of which model you've got, these headlight surrounds are a high-quality way to outfit your car with an aggressive look that's sure to turn heads. 

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