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The Star Wars Darth Maul Camaro

Posted by Laura Rivers on December 14 2017

The Dark side Is STRONG With This One

What do you say when a customer comes in and says they want a Star Wars themed Camaro? First, you make sure there's no Ewoks or Jar-Jar. Then, once you confirmed there isn't, you say, "Absolutely!" When you find out there's a custom painted Whipple supercharger installed though? That's when you go full Supreme Leader Snoke and say, "When I found you, I saw raw untamed power and beyond that. Something truly special."

If that raw strength didn't scare you before, it should now. Cause it's a full blown Sith Lord, strong in the dark side. If you couldn't tell we're Star Wars fans and so it was an extreme treat to make this one of a kind Camaro a reality. Rick and Cameron went all in on this design. With Rick creating a custom etch for the entire hood panel with Darth Maul art and Cameron adding imperial touches throughout and the Sith code on the fuse box cover along with lighting and custom metal work designed and built by him. Without further ado, meet the Darth Maul SS Camaro. 

 Fulfill your destiny and watch this short video... Check out the full gallery below. 

After you check out the video check out the complete gallery by clicking the lightsaber below.

Darth Maul Camaro Gallery Kylo Ren Saber


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  • Michael A Moulton: December 15, 2017

    Raffle it off for charity! $100 per chance.

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