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The Obligatory May The 4th Post

Posted by Matthew Books on May 04 2018

Star Wars Custom Car Accessories

May the 4th be with you... Always. 

hump day camel

It's that special time of year again. That time when you gather round with friends and family and recant Star Wars stories. When all your coworkers say it incessantly, "May the 4th be with you!" ...Lovely.

It's almost as bad as "Hey guess what day it is? Hump daaaaaay!" Yes, it's May the 4th and much like a force ghost, it doesn't seem to truly die. So join us why don't you, as we take a sardonic look at the Star Wars stuff we've done in the past. While we can't promise levitation or even lightsabers for these Jedi trials, we can say we've done some very cool and very explosive Star Wars stuff. 

American Car Craft JediOnce upon a time... Long before I worked here. There were parties. Large (for this town) parties that were extravagant, costumed affairs with pulsating lights and music and of course, alcohol. It was during one of these times of forsaken frivolity that our father and son design team force users dressed as their respective light side Jedi. These two are clearly skilled designers and are strong in the force. Just look at how Cameron has his lightsaber holstered, clearly he is a true master, as even a novice wouldn't dare be dismembered by the glowing hot laser-sword so close to body parts of paramount importance... Would he? Luckily, they survived their stints as Jedi and returned, for a time, to a normal life as designers.

The Dark Times

Much more recently we fell from the light and embraced some good old fashion DARK SIDE. It's easy, when faced with the prospect of a Sith themed SS Camaro you don't turn tale and run, you embrace it! So we did, and not a little, we delved deep into the Jedi archives and discovered untold knowledge of the Sith. How much you ask? Well, let's just say this SS Camaro had so much Star Wars packed inside of it that even SNL's Stefon would have a hard time telling you about it.

SNL Stefon

"This Sith SS Camaro has everything, Sith codes, imperial symbols, lightsabers, Darth maul etched into a hood panel looking at you like you owe him money..."

Even the car's owner turned to the Dark Side, just look how he peeled out! Ah, good times. Good thing he didn't blow up the engine. 

Speaking of explosives, when the beloved Carrie Fisher passed away unexpectedly we were all upset by it. Everybody deals with grief in their own way and our design Jedi Cameron seems to prefer the quarter stick of dynamite method. 

Somehow no one caught any plastic shrapnel from this one. I can only blame the force for protecting me while I filmed it since I was danger close. The Dodge Dart in the background on the other hand, not so lucky. 

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American Car Craft produces the highest quality, award-winning custom car accessories and custom car parts in the entire world. And check out our head-turning custom car graphics and custom vinyl car decals. Subscribe today for exclusive, VIP custom car offers delivered to your inbox.