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Father's Day Car Accessories

Posted by Laura Rivers on June 13 2017

What do I get my dad if he's a car guy and I'm not?

With the big day arriving this weekend, many of us are looking for the perfect gift to show our gratitude to the dads in our lives for Father's Day. But as we walk out of the store yet again with another tie and coffee mug that's splattered with some cliché "Happy Father's Day!" greeting, we know that they will probably be taken, used, and thanked for. Because it's from the kids, of course.

But even as we repeat the spunky ties and cheap cologne year after year, we always wonder: Could we do better?

As a daughter, I have a hard time tapping into my Dad’s brain to know what he really wants, especially when it comes to cars. When I saw him diligently cleaning his Chevy's exterior with much care the other day, I knew that something connected to the automobile industry would be a perfect gift for him this summer.

But I'm not an expert on cars, and I have no idea what he would want.


I thought about taking him sightseeing, such as at a car show. Despite not being a 'car guy', I know I wouldn’t mind browsing some spiffed-up vehicles with my dad at a car show. I like shiny stuff, and he gets his fill of car love by seeing some dream models with his favorite #3 daughter. But when it came to gifts, I drew a blank for a while, wondering how on earth I could figure out exactly what he would want for his hot ride.

To process this, and to help all of you who are a little unsure as to what 'car accessory' to get your dad, I began a brainstorm list of possible gifts for dads that would provide them the product they want, and doesn't require the giver to know much about car accessories (or anything automobile-related, for that matter).


So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on what Father's Day car accessories to get your Dad for Father's Day:

1. A gift card 

Your dad will not be offended if you give him money in this format. It is not tacky or boring. Trust me – a gift card is no less than a big pile of cash. And what car dude doesn’t like some cash? We have gift cards available for a variety of amounts, usable for all American Car Craft products.

2. A Tie Just kidding.

No really, don’t bother with this gift. At his age, he has plenty of ties to wear to work, and if he is a car guy (and this post will help you determine this), he’s not going to be wearing business casual while he’s under the hood.

2. The Traditional T-Shirt

Regardless of what was said earlier, let's be honest - who doesn’t like more T-shirts?! You can wear them for any occasion, including: Hunny-do-list--day, spritz-up-my-car-day, relax-with-a-beer-day, and of course, on Father's Day. You can let him show off his car enthusiasm with our ACC logo T-shirt, available in a variety of sizes.

3. Truck Stuff

No vehicle is more manly than a truck, and your dad's Ford Raptor is pretty awesome. So, why not surprise him and check out some of the truck products we have? Or, if you're still unsure about what to get, you can stick to a simple truck hitch cover. It embellishes his truck, and it's something unique you'll probably never have to get him again. Unless he gets another truck.

 4. Help him out

You don’t have to get your dad a physical product to show how much you love him. If he likes telling you about what he’s doing to his car or how to fix things, spend some time with him during his next project. Offer to help out, even if it’s just handing him the tools. You get some quality time with your dad, and he gets to show off how much of a car man he really is. Even if it's all made up.

All this being said, at the end of the day, showing your dad how much you mean to him is what matters. Whether you get him the traditional gifts or simply take a drive with him, you can give the car enthusiast in your life a day to show him that you care. And isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?


5. Shop Everything

If you know what your Dad is into we've got thousands of accessories that fit perfectly for his car. You can shop for all the latest in American made custom car accessories for your Dad this Father's Day. 

American Car Craft produces the highest quality, award-winning custom car accessories and custom car parts in the entire world. And check out our head-turning custom car graphics and custom vinyl car decals. Subscribe today for exclusive, VIP custom car offers delivered to your inbox.


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American Car Craft produces the highest quality, award-winning custom car accessories and custom car parts in the entire world. And check out our head-turning custom car graphics and custom vinyl car decals. Subscribe today for exclusive, VIP custom car offers delivered to your inbox.