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Create a Custom Dodge Ram Dial Shifter

Posted by Matthew Books on June 25 2018

The single easiest Dodge Ram accessories to install are here in time for Summer. 

Dodge Ram dial shifter trim plate

Not in love with Dodge after the switch from a traditional shifter to a dial shifter in your Dodge Ram? Don't worry there are new small inexpensive accessories that will make it a little easier to look at. 

These custom Dodge Ram accessories are a snap to install. They install like a sticker but don't let the term sticker fool you. The adhesive in use isn't the kind that will melt off in the heat and leave you with a sticky OEM part that will never be the same again. American Car Craft only uses premium materials and that includes the adhesive tape. The tape used is 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape and it is more than capable of standing up to the heat and humidity and general use that's traditionally found with interior accessories. We don't stop at the adhesive material either, everything we make isn't chrome, it's 304 stainless steel. What's the difference? How about never fading, pitting, chipping or rusting? How about a finish that will look the same years from now when the rest of your dash is starting to fade from years of abuse from the Sun and the heat? 304 stainless is an amazing material that will do just that. 

Ready for the best part of all? The price. At $19.99 it wouldn't be out of the question for something like this, especially since it's solving a serious cosmetic issue, but it's not $19.99 or even $15.99. The Dial Shifter Trim Plate for your Ram Rebel and Ram 1500 trucks is only $13.46! Click the big red ORDER button below to check out your options! 

Order dial shifter trim plate


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