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Crazy Corvette Deal Is Crazy.

Posted by Matthew Books on January 13 2017

It's not often you come across a for sale ad that is as entertaining as it is informative. One man decided he was going to not only sell his Z51, but blow it out of the water. His crazy Corvette Craigslist post is legitimately off the wall. 

As a company that excels at excess we can appreciate the over the top attitude he took when putting his C7 up for sale. You can check out the full listing by clicking Here. Calling the Corvette the "All-American chariot of the free world" his wordy diatribe paints a picture as brilliant as it is hilarious. Just take a look at one of his car photos to get an idea as to what he's going for here.

crazy corvette craigslist

Where are we going with this? Well, for as cool as this for sale post is, he could be making quite a bit more money. Owners who have a completely finished their engine bay have seen their resale values increase by as much as 30%! Maybe he didn't hear about us, we'll forgive him. But if you're looking to flip the Vette for a better model or a new car give an engine bay a moment's thought, you might be very pleased with the offer you'll end up getting. 

Shop some amazing custom Corvette engine accessories from American Car Craft today and you'll be the owner of not only an amazing custom car but one day you could see a healthy profit made from selling it. 


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