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Coming Soon: Waterless Wash Detail Spray

Posted by Matthew Books on July 05 2019

Keep your car spotless and your parts pristine with American Car Craft Waterless Wash Detail SprayNew premium waterless wash detail spray by American Car Craft coming soon

Aww, snap...what took you so long. Our FREE sample offer has expired. We only had a finite number of sample bottles available.  But there is still a chance you could win a free bottle. Fill in the comment form below. Thank you for your interest. You’ll be able to buy a bottle very soon.

We've been telling you for years to use a "detailer" to keep your parts clean without ever giving you one. Soon you can take home the best waterless wash available and treat your parts to a clean and pristine finish. Each bottle of our Premium Detailing Spray is formulated to quickly spot clean and apply a small amount of wax to your vehicle making sure you have an incredible shine on your paint or your stainless steel accessories. 

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  • Craig Terrell: August 08, 2019

    What is the cost of the detailing spray?

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