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IOS App Update | American Car Craft Auto Accessories

Posted by Matthew Books on April 20 2018

Our auto accessories app is all new! 

SPEED! Now you can navigate much more easily and get the awesome custom car accessories you want! There's practically ZERO load times, which means you can browse through all of are over four thousand parts with more speed and ease than you can even on our own website!  

STYLE! The app has never looked better and we're really excited for you all to jump in and check it out on your iOS devices. Android is still in development and we should be re-launching the app to your Android devices within the next month or two. You can enjoy the app on your Android through the month of April and then we will pull it into the garage to tune it up to match up with the iOS version. 

In this update:

  • Incredible performance
  • Shop securely from your iOS device with incredible speed
  • View our latest project cars in the new gallery
  • High definition images allow you to pinch and zoom
  • Instant checkout with Apple Pay! 

We're committed to building the best shopping experience for your mobile device. When it comes to automotive accessories we only make premium parts and we want you to feel like you're getting a premium experience when you shop with us directly. After you update or download, please help us out by leaving your review on the App store - just visit the app page on your mobile device and click "Write A Review". Love it or hate it, this is the best way to let us know what we can do to make the app even better. Check out our Android App version, available on Google Play - Click Here!

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  • Dana Tew: April 27, 2018

    If you were to make an engine kit for a 2016 ZO6, what would you include?

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