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American Car Craft on Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Posted by Matthew Books on March 13 2019

American Car Craft is Made in Tampa Bay

We recently had the opportunity to have a local photo journalist from our local Fox TV station come out and interview Cameron (co-owner) and get the details on what it is we're up to over here.

It's always a great experience to meet locals who are hearing about us for the first time. Imagine our surprise, when a local news station emailed in and wanted to make the trip up for a segment they call "Made in Tampa Bay."

We think that Cameron did a great job in front of the camera and the piece came out better than we could have imagined. But since this is the internet, take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Good or bad I'll read it and either smile or cry myself to sleep at night. #PleaseBeGentle  


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