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3 Reasons Why Billet Aluminum Sucks

Posted by Matthew Books on November 18 2014

If caring for your car or truck is a way of life for you, then choosing parts that are pleasing to the eye is a major decision even when that part is something as simple as a fluid caps. Quality, durability, and long-term beauty are huge parts of the decision-making process. Luckily, we here at American Car Craft have three reasons why billet aluminum sucks for your engine dress up.

  1.        Aluminum Corrodes?

Yes! Over time it actually tarnishes and gets a cloudy appearance. By comparison, stainless steel does not corrode, stain or rust in harsh environments. Its corrosion resistance lends itself well in your engine compartment. 304 Stainless steel by nature is less thermally conductive.

These properties make it ideal for longevity in harsh environments. What that means to you is, you won’t be replacing these parts anytime soon, due to fading, discoloration or damage from harsh chemical exposure. They can be cleaned and polished to a mirror-like finish if you so desire.

  1.        You Have To Clean It… A Lot.


Each and every time you work on or show your car, that billet aluminum is going to need to be cleaned. Aluminum tends to discolor in thermal conditions. Taking on a bluish hue over time. Aluminum cap covers also tend to be less durable and more apt to scratch, dent or ding. A less appealing look than a stainless cap over time.

Something to consider, with our stainless caps, when you need to work on your car, you just pop them right off and your stock caps are there, ready and willing to get down and dirty.

  1.        It’s Expensive to Customize.

Billet aluminum requires an oil lubricated C&C machine in order to fabricate the parts. These machines aren’t cheap, they also aren’t fast. So if you want something custom, you’re seriously going to have to pay. We use a LASER to effortlessly carve through our steel before we hand finish each piece. When it comes to time we’re much faster than a C&C machine, cheaper too, and we can create just about anything you come up with design-wise. We chose to make stainless steel cap covers not only for the beauty of the part, which by the nature of the 304 Stainless Steel can be fabricated into something that looks great on its own and in your engine bay, but because it’s just a better material for your engine bay. You can rest easy knowing these covers will last even under extreme conditions and remain looking their very best for years to come.

When choosing something as simple as cap covers.American Car Craft provides customers the clear choice in upgrading cap covers for your car. Check out our line of Stainless Steel engine compartment replacement parts. Not only do these parts give a rich and clean look, but they will last over time under harsh conditions by design. Stainless Steel Cap Covers that are built to last, a great choice for car owners that expect nothing less than quality craftsmanship. We'll even install them for you when you pay us a visit.


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