Installing Your Exhaust Filler Panel Cover

How do I install a Corvette exhaust filler panel cover?

It's something that Chevrolet forgot, an area not often visited by the driver and seen all too often by the competition. The rear exhaust area is often meant to be something that's heard and not seen. However, when you do see it there's a feeling of looking at something that's incomplete and unfinished. We thought the same which is why we designed an elegant solution to an otherwise complex problem. How do you complete a car manufactured to exact specifications? We created the exhaust filler panels for exactly this reason. To add a finishing touch that looks great and doesn't effect performance. 

It's a question we receive quite a bit and we can relate. How do I install a Corvette exhaust filler panel? It's not every day you find yourself on your back looking up at the rear exhaust trying to fit a premium cover plate that's been perfectly designed to finish the exhaust port opening! But never fear, we've done countless installs of this product. If you're within driving distance to us we will even install our products free of charge! You'll just need to give us a call and set up a date and time with Rick or Cameron, our designers and installers. 

The good news is we are prepared to walk you through it. Our step by step how-to video featuring our founder, lead designer and co-owner Rick will explain it all and even give you an extra tip or two should something unforeseen come up. Rick has seen it all having been customizing cars and trucks for the past 30+ years. Rick started out making these products with nothing more than his ingenuity, his hands and a jig saw. Seeing as how the hands are still there and the jigsaw is long gone, I'd say he ended up on the better side of the arrangement, wouldn't you?

In addition to the install video below, each of the filler panels will come to you with a written set of instructions (like this!) to help guide you through the installation process.

Some quick notes to consider before getting started. 

  • You'll be on the ground, dress accordingly
  • Don't peel off the protective blue liner until you're completely installed
  • You do NOT need to modify this part to make it fit
  • A hook awl will help with alignment and installation
  • Preparation of the surface is very important to the lifespan of the product

Lastly, if you've watched the video and read the instructions and you still feel that something is just not quite right there's one more option open to you. During normal business days, so Monday through Friday, in between the hours of 10AM and 4PM our designers will take your call. They'll talk you through the installation provided they're available and get you to where you need to be so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

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