Dodge to Cease Production of Hellcat and HEMI V8's by 2019


In a potential move that could only be considered the end of an era if it holds true. Dodge is reportedly prepping an end to the Hellcat and HEMI V8 line of SRT's by as early as 2019. What could this mean? Well if it's your daily driver, now might be a good time to look into turning your car into a future auction item if you can. A report by states that the reason for all of this is to make room for smaller twin turbo four and six cylinder engine varieties.

A separate report from cites a source from JeepTrackHawkForums and says that it makes sense due to impending CAFE requirements. CAFE requirements basically means that each new model year has to be more and more fuel efficiently than the previous year. I have yet to hear about a Moore's law for V8 engines but it's possible that some kind of MPG equation exists that says they can only get so efficient. Beyond that, this theory doesn't hold much water, even though it does sort of make sense, but a lot of things do when you're not an engineer.

Would you be interested in a smaller engine from Dodge? Or is it only worth the buy if you get the deep throaty V8 note?

Could MOPAR be taking a page from Ford or is this just senseless conjecture? Let us know in the comments if you've got more dirt on this. 


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