Custom Car Accessories and the 10 Business Days of Christmas



Let me get on my Bruce Springsteen voice...*Eh EM!* You guys know what time it is?! Oh Christmas time! You guys been good, keeping your cars clean and going to lots of car shows? Aw that's not many! Not many! You guys are in trouble out there! Let's countdown the 10 business day of Christmas!


 Before you rush to tell me, I know, I know, it's 12 Days of Christmas! But notice I said 10 Business Days, that's important. You see, each of the custom car accessories you order, we make. Now I don't mean we make it in the sense that we made it several days/weeks/months ago and it's just waiting for you. I mean we make it, for you, when you order it. So in order for you to get it in time for the Christmas holiday you've only got a handful of days left to get that order in so Santa Claus can make it to town on time. 

It's been said, that "everything worth having, is waiting for." We're inclined to agree but if you want that something under your tree by the 25th the time to order is now, especially if you want something customized.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and have a happier holiday because of it..

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