Upgrade your ride with 2010 Dodge Charger accessories.

Things that occurred in 2010:

  • Deepwater Horizon disaster
  • Earthquakes in Haiti and Japan
  • The end of the Oprah show
  • Your car was born!

Your car coming off the factory floor was one of the best things to happen in 2010! Needless to say, it's been around the block a few times since then. The good news is there is no time like the present for an upgrade with these 2010 Dodge Charger accessories. With parts like these, you can truly say, "There are many 2010 Dodge Chargers, but this one is mine!" You have so much to gain with customizing a 2010. Some customers have even seen an increase in their resale value. Who doesn't want that?! Installation is a breeze. With most parts, a simple peel and stick installation is all that is required. How does it work? Clean and degrease the surface where the part is going to be installed. Peel off the red protective liner on the backside of the part and carefully stick it into place. Done, it's that easy. Since each part is made from 304 stainless steel all you really need to do from then on is clean it.

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